Received the 【Happiness-friendly Award】 at Taiwan’s 2023 Pingtung Prominent Awards!


AFE Series - Submersible Sewage / Wastewater Pumps / BD Series - Submersible Dewatering Pumps Won the 31th Taiwan Excellence Award.


GF Series - Submersible Grinder Pumps / AFC Series - Submersible Cutter Pumps Won the 30th Taiwan Excellence Award.


【HCP Motor Performance Laboratory】has been Certified by TAF (Taiwan Accreditation Foundation) and is the first laboratory in Taiwan to pass temperature rise test according to the CNS 9813 standard “Low-voltage three-phase induction motors for construction submersible pumps. 


HD Series-SUBMERSIBLE DEWATERING PUMPS Won the 29th Taiwan Excellence Award.


Expanded the factory which increased 10,592 ㎡ more to 33,702  in total area in Export Processing Zone of Pingtung. Moreover, HCP focus  on manufactures process which inserted AS/RS Automated Storage and Retrieval System with AGV Automatic Guided Vehicle to become a new generation factory that links each material and workstation together to build a faster and more efficient production chain.

Pump Selection System is officially on-line that provide a faster searching tool that can find the most suitable pump in short period.

Received Workplace Health certification of Health Promotion Administration.

HCP PUMP 40th Anniversary.

 The new HCP logo: modern and concise. Represents our focus on providing submersible pumps worldwide with an effective distribution network. The new logo celebrates HCP's 40th anniversary: a milestone of advanced manufacturing - prepared for a new era.


Constructing the second factory in Export Processing Zone of Pingtung.


Expanded the factory to 23140 ㎡ . ISO 9001-2015 approved, ISO 14001-2015 approved.

HCP introduced ‘6S’ – an upgraded version of ‘5S’ lean management tool, that includes another key element – ‘Safety’. Implemented to enhance the safe working environment, it included purchase of new software and hardware.


HCP implemented ‘QCC’ (Quality Control Circle). The ‘QCC’ aims to encourage innovative spirit of the employees. It also assists enterprise in achieving its goals and mission.


ISO 14001 approved.


POND Series received European CE certification.


HCP PUMP Performance Testing Laboratory was approved by TAF.

HCP 0.5~1HP pump received cUL certification.


Protector received cUL certification.


Constructed new factory in Pingtung Export Processing Zone to step into international pump professional manufactory.


Established sales and marketing office in Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China.


Received CE product certification.


ISO 9001 approved to meet the International Quality Assurance procedure.

HCP implemented ‘5S’- a lean management tool that helps maintaining well-organized and safe working environment. ‘5S’ strengthens the quality of the product as well as improves enterprise’s efficiency.


Expansion of the west and fourth floors in Pingtung industrial zone , increase computer Numerical Control and started pump production above 20 HP.

SAP ERP B1 is on-line.

SAP ERP A1 is on-line.


ISO 9002 approved.


  Changed the company's English name to HCP PUMP MANUFACTURER CO., LTD. New water pattern logo for international marketing and exhibition.


Achieved standardization of manufacturing level and awarded the Chinese National Standard (CNS) as well as A grade QA factory.


HCP designed series of effluent pump for the market demand and started Asia export market.


Constructed a new factory in Pingtung industrial zone and registered the name as HCP PUMP MANUFATURER CO., LTD.


IC Dewatering series with amphibious design was received International Golden Brain Award, and various domestic awards.


    Hou Chien Electric Motor Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in Zhongzheng Road, Ping Tung Taiwan, begin producing submersible pumps.

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